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The idea of ship ownership is a turning point and was considered as the most important step taken towards further expansion of our company. This consideration resulted in the purchase of two vessels together with the establishment of two different subsidiaries under which these vessels are registered. 


Our vessel which was purchased in 1993 and named as M/V Halilaga is registered under this subsidiary. 
We are the only shipping company in our country that operates direct and regular line in the route of Adriatic / Famagusta and Israel  and we perform this line with our vessel M/V Halilaga. These voyages are based on container transportation plus general cargo from Adriatic to Famagusta and Israel and our vessel completes each voyages within approximately 25 days. 

M/V Halilaga Picture
M/V Halilaga 
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Ship ownership is a sector with high potential which requires continuos investment. With this idea in mind and as a result of the growth in our business resulting from the operations of M/V Halilaga,  we have purchased our second vessel "M/V SEATIDE" in 1995. M/V SEATIDE is registered  under NORTH SHIPPING Ltd. which is established in Malta. 
Our vessel performs a liner voyage in the route of Continent and Famagusta. 

M/V UB Laptali Picture
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