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  • CONTINENT / FAMAGUSTA : We operate direct and regular lines between Continent and Famagusta on a monthly basis. In addition, we have weekly container vessels sailing from Continent to Famagusta. 
  • USA / FAMAGUSTA : We use the Famagusta agent of Türkon Line-Istanbul that operate direct and regularly between USA, Turkey and Famagusta. 
  • FAR EAST / FAMAGUSTA :We offer our customers import services from the Far East with weekly sailings.  
  • ITALY / Famagusta :   We are the only shipping agency in North Cyprus operating direct and regular line in this route with company owned 3250 DWT vessel called M/V Halilaga.

  • In this line we are concentrated on container transportation from Ravenna Port of Italy to Famagusta , general cargo from Adriatic to Israel and bulk cargo from Israel to Adriatic.
  • MERSIN / Famagusta : We are also Famagusta Agent of Karpas Shipping & Trading Co. Inc. that is established and operated in Mersin sine 1986. In this line we are performing regular lines of twice in a week.
Besides above described regular lines, due to increased reputation and satisfaction of our customers, we are being nominated as the "Famagusta Port Agent" of many well known shipping companies. 
Although according to present regulations in our country the Government has the priority in employing their equipment for the services to be provided at our port, we have received the rights of employing our company owned cranes for the vessels arriving at Famagusta Port under our agency, due to our efforts. 

At the time of establishment at 1962 , our operations were mainly based on Custom Clearance. Due to the length of time we are dealing with this operation, we have the most efficient and professional personnel in this area. We, as Latifoglu Ltd., have the highest share on the customer basis which is subject to further increase resulting from the satisfaction of our customers. 

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