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Latifoglu Ltd. Subsidiaries

Services of Latifoglu Ltd. are diversified to cover different fields of operation. Thhis situation necessitates the establishment of certain subsidiaries to follow up diversified operations. 
Other than subsidiaries involved in shipping business, there are also others operating in other fields. 

Bonded Warehouse Ltd. was established on 31.10.1995. We are operating our business at our warehouse of 3200 square meter, which is the largest one at Famagusta. The main reason for entering in this business is because it is related with shipping business. We import the goods of our customers with our own vessels, we handle the customs formalities and have their goods stored in our warehouse. 

Our above company was established on 21.12.1989 and has been operated in tourism sector since then. 
At present we have one Apart & Hotel named as "Oldtowm Hall", which is operating at full capacity in each year and accomodating guests from different segments. 
Due to potential in this sector, we are planning to construct a second Hotel and enlarge the segment we are appealing at. 

Opus Trading Ltd. was established on 16.5.83 at Famagusta, North Cyprus. In general this company is involved in trade and has been given the right for import-export, to establish and operate "Free Shops" and "Bonded Warehouses". 
This company is the general distributor of the brand name "Prince" which is the part of Benetton Sport System. 


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